A recent united nations report by the international

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Unformatted text preview: of touch with reality’ but also largely blind to the ‘needs of the large mass of people who are barely surviving capital’s newly-honed mechanisms of globalized greed’ (Harvey, 1998, pp. 7–9). In our view, a more comprehensive and politically useful understanding of the contemporary historical juncture necessitates foregrounding class analysis and the primacy of the working class as the fundamental agent of change. Capitalism K – Race Link Using race as a starting point shatters class based coalitions and replicates racism A. Darder and R. Torres, 1999.Darder is a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Latino/a Studies, Torres is Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design, Chicano/Latino Studies, and Political Science. “Shattering the Race Lens: Towards a Critical Theory of Racism.” Critical Ethnicity. P. 174-6 [W]e work with raced identities on already reified ground. In the context of domination, raced identities are imposed and internalized, then renegotiated and reproduced. From art...
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