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Unformatted text preview: IP REVOLUTION? [hook] Merge critical theory discourse Activism and teachin’ Consciousness raisin’ Signifyin’, Rappin’ and Preachin’ with substance for IMPACT Currently what we, in the Academy, lack and NEED to get back Or at least GET-on-Top-of-dat! Scholarship Revolution Reject the institutionthat hold you captive physically and mentally. William-White 11(Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacramento, You see When one’s research content and methodology Enables one to become SUBJECT rather than OBJECT that’s empowerment! Liberatory dialogue and praxis spawns the ability to REFLECT then ACT Hence, if research lacks the promise of radical democratic practice To create change Is so esoteric that the common man can’t relate Or react, We should REJECT that! You see To be considered educated Does one have to say subaltern Subjugated Subordinated Or Subjectificated to simply say Whose oppressed? AND WHY? CAN WE GET A SCHOLARSHIP REVOLUTION! Consciousness endures Passes generationally In beauty parlors and barber shops On porch stoops From da boombox and pews Race, gender, and class liter...
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