And this collective task has a parallel effect on the

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Unformatted text preview: ng out scenarios of Black antagonisms, simply feeding our frustration. A2 You cause violence War/Violence is GOOD. George Ciccariello-Maher, Jan, 2010, is a Ph.D. candidate in political theory at the University of California, Berkeley, Jumpstarting the Decolonial Engine: Hence the colonial world is shaken, but not by a bomb blast and not by a bloody massacre. Rather, this is the shaking of ontological categories—of the walls which separate being from non-being— by the native's refusal to passively accept a position of inferiority, to refuse to see herself through the eyes of the oppressor. Put differently, the native has discovered all of these things within herself, "one step" prior to battle. If, as Fanon tells us, "the settler's work is to make even dreams of liberty impossible for the native," then this affirmation of equality first takes the form of a dream, and it is this dream which makes possible the turning away from the master and finding liberation in work. 36Havi...
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