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Unformatted text preview: black liberation’. As he puts it, ‘My sense is that questions of sexuality have come to mark the interior limits of decolonisation, where the utopian project of [black] liberation has come to grief’ (Mercer, 1994, p. 116, my emphasis). Among these questions of sexuality, the figure of the interracial looms large.16 This is so not only because, especially in the Anglophone world, whites (and others) have been so profoundly repulsed by (and attracted to) the image of intimate relations with black people. But also because, as Mercer’s statement in part reminds us, the final frontier of white supremacy overlaps in peculiar ways with the interior limits of black liberation. More than ten years after Fanon first published Black Skin, White Masks (but two years before its English translation), the text which provides the centre of attention for Mercer’s critical meditation, sociologist and literary critic Calvin Hernton penned a soonto-be best-selling book of essays bearing a remarkable similarity (o...
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