At the heart of the history of white supremacy as

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Unformatted text preview: he global aspects of white supremacy, Du Bois engaged its origins and evolution, locating its genesis, uniqueness and ubiquitousness in European imperial global expansion, domination, and colonization. What distinguished white supremacy from local, national and regional racisms, such as those that exist between certain non-white groups, is its international imperial nature and modern world-historic influence and effects. At the heart of the history of white supremacy, as quiet as it is kept, is a prolonged practice and promotion of an extremely acute form of cultural racism and cultural theft. For Du Bois, whites were “super-men” and “world-mastering demi-gods” with “feet of clay” (1995a, p. 456). By which he meant, whites, with all their claims of superiority and “superhumanity,” were or appeared super-strong because they built their empire(s) on the inventions and innovations, and on the cultures and contributions of the people of color they colonized (p. 457). But, as the “super-men” with “feet of clay” comment reveals, the colored and colonized were well...
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