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Unformatted text preview: ecognition so that they might qualify for funds harvested from land stolen from them. I Immigration is another code that maps the subject onto the American Historical Axis, with narratives of arrival based on collective volition and premeditated desire. Chicano subject positions can fortify and extend the interlocutory life of America as an idea because racial conflict can be articulated across the various contestations over the legitimacy of arrival, immigration. Both whites and Latinos generate data for this category. Hegemony The black body does not exist in either discussion of historical or Anthropological Axis, it will never be able to access hegenomy Wilderson, Professor UCI, 2003 (Frank B., “The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal”, Soc Justice 30 no2 2003, Accessed 8-4-12, MR) Slavery is the great leveler of the Black subject's positionality. The Black American subject does not generate historical categories of entitlement, sovereignty, and immigration for the record . We are "off the map" with respect to the cartography that charts civil societ...
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