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Unformatted text preview: American Studies at the University of California, Irvine Jared, “The Ruse of Engagement: Black Masculinity and the Cinema of Policing,” Project Muse, Volume 61, March 2009 pg 39-63,SJH) Taken together, Bait (2000), Training Day (2001), and Tears of the Sun (2003) rehash an unrelenting suspicion, if not cynicism, about the possibility of a humane affective tie or social contract among blacks. From family to community to nation to continent, black sociality in this troika of Fuqua’s cinematic imagination only follows from the most repressive state intervention and seems to require gratuitous loss of life in the process . If the white subject—embedded in the institution of family-as-nation, metonym of the universal—has understood itself in the historic instance to be, both onscreen and off, under the enabling cover of the police and military, then the black subject (we must use the term under erasure) is not only prototype of that threat against which “civilization” must defend, but also that animate fi...
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