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Unformatted text preview: s of an historical triumph over the racism of old. Those who have looked to America as a place of freedom and opportunity can see the rise of the idea of a mixed-race America where interraciality is becoming something to regard as a national strength. (Nash, 1999, p. 183) (Yet Nash submits a telling caveat: ‘few argue that universal intermarriage is needed to bring us together’.)15 This is not a novel ideology of progress, of course, as the historical example of Vasconcelos indicates. In fact, before him in the early nineteenth-century US, there were small bands of radical ‘amalgamationists’ who agitated for the abolition of slavery while proposing universal intermixture as the gateway to ‘biracial democracy’ (Nash, 1999, pp. 84–89). Nearly a century later, a number of prominent scholars associated with the Chicago School of Sociology, including the work of its founder, Robert Park, and Vasconcelos himself (who was in residence for several years), insisted that racism would exist so long as supposedly visible...
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