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Unformatted text preview: alized populations in this country. The politics of busing in the early 1970s provides an excellent example that illustrates this phenomenon.Social scientistsstudying “race relations”concluded that contactamong “Black” and “White” students would improve “race relations” and the educational conditions of “Black” students if they were bused to “White” (better) schools outside their neighborhoods.10 Thirty years later, many parents and educators adamantly denounce the busing solution (a solution based on the discourse of “race”) asnot onlyfundamentally problematic to the fabric of African American and Chicano communities, but an erroneous social policy experiment that failed to substantially improve the overall academic performance of students in these communities. Given this legacy, it is not surprising to find that the theories, practices, and policies that have informed social science analysis of racialized populations today are overwhelmingly rooted in a politics of identity , an approach that is founded on parochial notions of “race” and representation which ignore...
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