Change conservative white males dislike change

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Unformatted text preview: driven to a significant degree by key actors—and their resources, strategies, and tactics—in the U.S. climate change denial machine (e.g., Dunlap and McCright, 2011). Throughout these Anglo countries organized denial seems to be dominated by politically conservative white males (e.g., [Hoggan and Littlemore, 2009] and [Washington and Cook, 2011]), and this suggests that a similar conservative white male effect might be emerging in the general publics of these nations with regard to climate change denial. Clearly the extent to which the conservative white male effect on climate change denial exists outside the US is a topic deserving investigation. White Protectionism Conservative White Males in the general public are more likely to defend the claims of conservative white male elites. McCright, Associate Professor of Sociology in Lyman Briggs College, Department of Sociology, and Environmental Science and Policy Program at Michigan State University, Dulap, Regents Professor of Psychological Sciences, Sociology. In addition to his empirical work, Dr. Dunlap regularly writes assessments of theoretical developments in the field of environmental sociology, 2011.( Aaron M....
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