Charlene regester has a more practical framework she

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Unformatted text preview: quest of America, racism as we understand it today did not exist. Essentialism/Epistemology DA Link: Social Death Theory Their use of social death and absolute dereliction as epistemological frameworks is bankrupt and debilitating - we should instead theorize blackness as stolen life Moten 8 (Fred, Ph.D, Helen L. Bevington Professor of Modern Poetry, Duke University, “The Case of Blackness”, Criticism, Volume 50, Number 2, Spring, Project Muse, Accessed: 11/5/11, OG) So I'm interested in how the ones who inhabit the nearness and distance between Dasein and things (which is off to the side of what lies between subjects and objects), the ones who are attained or accumulated unto death even as they are always escaping the Hegelian positioning of the bondsman, are perhaps best understood as the extra-ontological, extra-political constant—a destructive, healing agent; a stolen, transplanted organ always eliciting rejection; a salve whose soothing lies in the abrasive penetration of the merely typical; an ensemble always operating...
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