Clearly the extent to which the conservative white

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Unformatted text preview: udes: The Denial of Climate Change Among Conservative White Males in the United States,” Global Environmental Change, Volume 21, October 2011, Pages 1163-1172, SJH) Our results relate back to earlier work on the political mobilization of conservative elites and organizations in the US to challenge climate science and policy (e.g., [Dunlap and McCright, 2010], [Dunlap and McCright, 2011], [Freudenburg et al., 2008], [Lahsen, 2005], [Lahsen, 2008], [McCright, 2007], [McCright and Dunlap, 2000], [McCright and Dunlap, 2003], [McCright and Dunlap, 2010], [Oreskes and Conway, 2008] and [Oreskes et al., 2008]). Conservative think tanks, conservative media, corporations, and industry associations (especially for the fossil fuels industry)—domains dominated by conservative white males—have spearheaded the attacks on climate science and policy from the late 1980s to the present. The results presented here show that conservative white males in the general public have become a very receptive audience for these efforts. When mobilized, these conservative white males may constitute a key vector of climate change denial in their own right via their online and offline social networks and throu...
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