Consequently we may want to follow the lead of dylan

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Unformatted text preview: he power of slaveholders, but the very terms and conditions of social existence. Link: Slave Resistance Social Death erases the history slave resistances that occurred on the slave ship and permanently destroys the slaves agency – the lack of analysis of the funerals and resistance that occurred makes social death perpetual Vincent Brown 2009 (professor of history and of African and African American Studies “Social Death and Political Life in the Study of Slavery,” ) In fact, the funeral was an attempt to withstand the encroachment of oblivion and to make social meaning from the threat of anomie. As a final rite of passage and a ritual goodbye, the ceremony provided an outlet for anguish and an opportunity for commiseration. Yet it also allowed the women to publicly contemplate what it meant to be alive and enslaved. The death rite thus enabled them to express and enact their social values, to articulate their visions of what it was that bound them together, made individuals among them unique, and separated this group of people from others. The scene thus typifies the way that people who have been pronounced socially dead, that is, utterly alienated and with no social ties recognize...
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