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Unformatted text preview: encounter in the social formation mediates the sacred and the profane, the virtual and the actual. This powerful and mysterious realm of interracial sexuality, a historical relation that, as Hernton notes, ‘is not always recognised when it shows at the surface’, serves as the paradoxical object of sexual racism. As material as the bodies in question and as intangible as a spook, the interracial occult gives the lie to the certainty of the colour line and the boundaries demarcating inside from out. Sexual racism and the spectre of interracial sexuality it both constructs and contains forces, then, a recognition of sexuality as a point of access to complexity — in the sense that eros arises from chaos… [That is to say,] sexuality as that which constantly worries and troubles anything supposedly fixed as an identity. (Mercer, 1994, p. 119) Hernton further describes sexual racism as involving as ‘the most degenerate and perverse form of sexual turn-on’ (Hernton, 1988, p. xiii). It is, in his words, ‘distorted desire’. One cannot help but he...
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