Eb du boiss critique of white supremacy and

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Unformatted text preview: teness itself, disturbing its function by definition and throwing its coordinates out of alignment at the extreme. What are we to make of this bizarre scenario of inter-penetration? How are we to think about the simultaneous description of the white look as both dissecting and, Fanon suggests, fixing, as both scattering and imprisoning, both dislocating and objectifying? More to the point, how to contain or define something — an object, a body — that is flung about, ripped to shreds, multiplying in at least three directions? The colonial project of white supremacy, the very social and historical forces that materially and symbolically invent and reproduce the black body, also seek to destroy it. Conversely, the forces that seek to (and do!) destroy the black body also seek to maintain it, to insist that it be there, in its place, ‘within bounds…classified… tucked away’. Is it any surprise, then, that the very thing that ostensibly grants and guarantees the social existence of whiteness , i.e., blackness, is the very thing that — at the extreme, the edge, the verge — prevents it from enjoying a secure and stable life? In short, blackness ‘gives [whiteness] its classification as seeming’.8 Dispensability Non-...
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