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Unformatted text preview: estion of structure, its tenacity, its systematic and inexplicable gratuitousness. Predictability Claims of predictability create a static space in which elites control and exclude Michael Dantley 2002 (Professor at Miami University focusing on leadership, spirituality and social justice Education and Urban Society, vol. 34 (3)) The third dynamic of positivism, technical control, meanders outside the confines of theoretical and research methodological conscription into the realm of social and power relations its tenets so ably design. It is not difficult to see how imperialist behaviors are birthed from the positivist mentality. The belief that a strict subscription to an empirical design of rationality and predictability contours the acceptable behaviors of a society that embraces its fundamental dispositions. Difference or an alternate perception becomes anathema and silenced, especially if it offers ammunition to refute the propositions the positivist position has already established. It outlines the hegemony and celebrates confirmation and corroboration of its doctrines. It is vitally important to see how the tenet of control within the positivist frame crafts the cultural thought. Control, domination, and subjugation systematically establish boundaries of inclusion and exclusion. Control propagates a cataloguing of acceptable beha...
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