Far from being merely the experience of the african

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Unformatted text preview: vagabonds might find themselves without contemporaries, with no relational status to save. In this way, White-on-White violence is put in check (a) before it becomes gratuitous, or structural, before it can shred the fabric of civil society beyond mending; and (b) before conscious, predictable, and sometimes costly challenges are mounted against the legislation despite its dissembling lack of resolve . This is accomplished by the imposition of the numerous “on condition that…” and “supposing that…” clauses bound up in the word “if” and also by claims bound up in the language around the enslavement of European children: a White child may be enslaved on condition that s/he is the child of a vagabond, and then, only until the age of 20 or 24. Slavery is the ontological experience of the black body Wilderson, award-winning author of Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid. He is one of two Americans to hold elected office in the African National Congress and is a former insurgent in the ANC’s armed w...
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