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Unformatted text preview: orious electoral som, Rancière would seek to demonstrate how the concept of symbolic violence—so central to Bourdieu's seminal text Reproduction—was necessary for the self-justification of the sociologist's expertise:If rational pedagogy could tell the truth about pedagogic authority, the "hidden" of science would vanish. This violence therefore must be even more irremediable than that of domination; it must be the irreducibility of the law that leaves the agents producing it or subjected to it no means to recognize it.26Bourdieu had—like Plato and Marx before him, in Rancière's view—preordained a division of functions which ultimately undercut the autonomy of the subjected in the very process of diagnosing her subjection. And Bourdieu himself would seem to cede on this point, since the very first proposition of Reproduction asserts the semi-autonomy of symbolic violence, as a precondition for defending sociology itself. "To make the creative freedom of individuals the source of symbolic action," Bourdieu tells us, "would amount to denying the possibility of a science of sociology." 27It goes almost without sy...
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