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Unformatted text preview: locations, within a nation or state as well as without, but there is a similar underlying logic -- a binary economy of victim vs. perpetrator that essentializes identity categories into one camp or the other -- that should make us pause. We don't have to argue that what happened in the former Yugoslavia could happen in the United States or Canada (although this of course could be argued) to find reasons to critique the politicization of identity. We need only ask what are the effects of such a politics? What kind of political future is created when we operate within the same binary that functioned in the selection, segregation, and victimization of individuals and groups to begin with? How should we define violence in this instance? Thus, I would argue that while forceful arguments continue to be made for the necessity of identifying with this or that politicized category -- even if temporarily -- in the face of global sites of violence perpetuated in the name of identity it is becoming harder to justify even the most stra...
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