For instance do you want to serve an extended prison

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Unformatted text preview: o Appiah, is founded on a unitary notion of reason celebrated by logical positivism. Education Consciousness raisin is first step to a scholarship revolution. William-White 11(Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacramento, I’M CALLIN’ FOR A SCHOLARSHIP REVOLUTION! Not to be dramaturgical or theatrical Not to be sensational or emotional but to take knowledge and make it practical [hook] Merge critical theory discourse Activism and teachin’ Consciousness raisin’ Signifyin’, Rappin’ and Preachin’ with substance for IMPACT Currently what we, in the Academy, lack and NEED to get back Or at least GET-on-Top-ofdat! WE NEED A SCHOLARSHIP REVOLUTION! One that urban griots are capable of leadin’ And emergent scholars are desperately needin’ Cuz teachin’ and research is political— It IS the practice of FREEDOM Fairness White Structured institutions limits opportunity for non-whites Sexton 2009 (, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of the Program in African...
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