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Unformatted text preview: viors as well as acceptable people whose nature is to demonstrate these honored behaviors. In fact, a meritocracy emanates as clearly defined systems of rewards and sanctions are put into place. These reify the positivist position and ensure its continual influence. Therefore, there are attributes and character traits codified by those who establish the cultural thought or hegemony that describe clones of There arises a host of binary oppositional rituals that systemically and systematically exclude those who differ from the hegemonic model. Appiah (1992) affirmed these notions of exclusivity as he delineated the signifiers of the modernist and social positivism. postmodern ideologies. He maintained that in philosophy, postmodernism is the rejection of the hegemonic acceptance of Descartes’s through Kantian notions of logical positivism on foundationalism, which touts that there is one route to knowledge, thus representing epistemological exclusivism. Logical positivism supports the stance of metaphysical realism that purports that there is one truth resulting in exclusivity in ontology. All of this, according t...
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