From this racial ideological cultural and biological

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Unformatted text preview: attaining a coherent appearance or a fixed and stable meaning, whether as object of aggression or desire.7 To be clear, I am attempting to supplement what have become commonplace assertions of race as a social category. I am emphatically not interested in how the history of sex across the colour line or the existence of people of mixed racial descent as such might trouble the fantasy of pure races or the tabulation of discrete and rigid racial categories (see Hodes, 1999; Nash, 1999). I am talking in a more basic sense about what I believe undermines and frustrates that fantasy of transgression, the conventional fantasy of the subversive multiracial. In other words, I am interested in what wards against our thinking of interracial sex or mixed race people as things in and of themselves. To recall the epigraph from Barad: it ‘makes no sense to talk about [such] independently existing things’. In this discussion of miscegenation and antimiscegenation, then, I am introducing a critique of what Frantz Fanon refers to as that ‘psychological phenomenon that consists in the belief that the world...
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