Greater local control can mean greater community

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Unformatted text preview: tegic of strategic essentialisms. Perm Policy Permutation Policy focus is key to challenge structures of white supremacy Themba-Nixon 00, Executive Director of The Praxis Project, a nonprofit organization helping communities use media and policy advocacy Makani, July 31, Colorlines, Changing the Rules: What Public Policy Means for Organizing, Vol 3.2) “This is all about policy," a woman complained to me in a recent conversation. "I'm an organizer." The flourish and passion with which she made the distinction said everything. Policy is for wonks, sell-out politicians, and ivory-tower eggheads. Organizing is what real , grassroots people do. Common as it may be, this distinction doesn't bear out in the real world . Policy is more than law. It is any written agreement (formal or informal) that specifies how an institution, governing body, or community will address shared problems or attain shared goals. It spells out the terms and the consequences of these agreements and is the codification of the body's values-as represented by those present in the policymaking process. Given who's usually present, most policies reflect the politica...
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