He says first in the white world the man of colour

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Unformatted text preview: mate change McCright, Associate Professor of Sociology in Lyman Briggs College, Department of Sociology, and Environmental Science and Policy Program at Michigan State University, Dulap, Regents Professor of Psychological Sciences, Sociology. In addition to his empirical work, Dr. Dunlap regularly writes assessments of theoretical developments in the field of environmental sociology, 2011.( Aaron M., Riley E., “Cool Dudes: The Denial of Climate Change Among Conservative White Males in the United States,” Global Environmental Change, Volume 21, October 2011, Pages 1163-1172, SJH) The Gamma values for the relationship between the conservative white male dummy variable and each of the five climate change denial indicators are moderately to very strong—ranging from .44 to .68 and significant at p < .001. This is initial, but compelling, evidence that within the American public conservative white males have a strong tendency to endorse climate change denial .13 The bottom row in the top half of Table 2 shows that a greater percentage of conservative white...
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