I will argue that a focus on what is variously

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Unformatted text preview: hing of blacks and anti ‐ ¶ Blackness.9 Last but not least, Red, White and Black ends like a badly plugged¶ announcement of a bad Hollywood film’s badly planned sequel: ‘How does one¶ deconstruct life? Who would benefit from such an undertaking? The coffle¶ approaches with its answers in tow.’ (340) Politicized Identity K Politicized Identity K - 1NC Utilizing politicized identities and categories such as Black or White results in endless violence – we should instead embrace a community-based politics of mere existence Enns 7 (Diane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies, McMaster University, “Political Life Before Identity”, Theory & Event 10:1, Project Muse, og) That we need to extricate ourselves not only from the worldview of the perpetrator, but also that of the victim, is the claim I turn to in the remainder of the paper. I will argue, as Mahmood Mamdani does, that once an economy of violence has evolved out of a binary logic of victim and perpetrator, political transformation cannot occur on the basis of identity.5 It is crucial then, that we engage with those thinkers who attempt to refuse the p...
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