In the souls of white folk du bois asserted heg bad

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Unformatted text preview: aware of whites’ weakness(es), of their Achilles’ heel(s): Their imperial push for global domination, that is, their centuries spanning project(s) of setting up systems of oppression unwittingly and ironically created intraimperial cultural tensions, racist sibling rivalries amongst themselves, and also created the context and laid the foundation for the very anti-imperial colored/colonized hammer that would smash the imperial white “supermen’s” “feet of clay.” In “The Souls of White Folk,” Du Bois asserted: Heg Bad White Hegemony perpetuates white supremacy which destroys non-white peoples subjectivity Rabaka 2007 (Reiland Rabaka, 4 August 2007, The Souls of White Folks, W.E.B. Du Bois’s Critique of White Supremacy and Contributions to Critical White Studies,Department of Ethnic Studies Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America (CSERA), University of Colorado-Boulder, Ketchum) Generic racism, if there is such a thing, essentially entails racial domination and discrimination. White supremacy does not simply racially oppress, as Du Bois asserts above. Being the fraternal twin (or, at the least, a sibling of some sort) of capit...
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