In addition to his empirical work dr dunlap regularly

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Unformatted text preview: ental Change, Volume 21, October 2011, Pages 1163-1172, SJH) conservative white males —strongly display tendencies to justify and defend the current social and economic system. Conservatives dislike change and uncertainty and attempt to simplify complexity (Amodio et al., 2007). Further, conservative white males have disproportionately occupied positions of power within our economic system. Given the expansive challenge that climate change poses to the industrial capitalist economic system, it should not be surprising that conservative white males’ strong system-justifying attitudes would be triggered to deny climate change. On another level, the work of [Jost et al., 2008] and [Feygina et al., 2010]) shows that conservatives—and we would extend this to White Structure Issues that threaten the white identity (structure) are denied and unresolved. McCright, Associate Professor of Sociology in Lyman Briggs College, Department of Sociology, and Environmental Science and Policy Program at Michigan State University, Dulap, Regents Professor of Psychological Sciences, Sociology. In addition to his empirical work, Dr. Dunlap regularly writes assessments of theoretical developments in the field of environmental sociology, 2011.(...
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