In contrast the gramscian subject the worker

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Unformatted text preview: and their related courtroom battles, for instanc e (Martinot and Sexton, 2002: 6; emphasis added). Civil Society -> Coherence of White Life Slavery led to the social death of the black body which precedes the corporeal death of the black body to ensure the existence of white life – this means we are a prior question, social death precedes biological death Wilderson, Professor UCI, 2003 (Frank B., “The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal”, Soc Justice 30 no2 2003, Accessed 8-4-12, MR) Thus, the Black subject position in America represents an antagonism or demand that cannot be satisfied through a transfer of ownership/organization of existing rubrics. In contrast, the Gramscian subject, the worker, represents a demand that can indeed be satisfied by way of a successful war of position, which brings about the end of exploitation. The worker calls into question the legitimacy of productive practices, while the slave calls into question the legitimacy of productivity itself. Thus, the insatiability of the slave demand upon existing structures means that it cannot find its articulat...
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