In effect they more than symbolize or signify various

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Unformatted text preview: labor—the modern world system. Black life is not lived in the world that the world lives in, but it is lived underground, in outer space. This is agreed. That is to say, what Moten asserts against afro-pessimism is a point already affirmed by afropessimism, is, in fact, one of the most polemical dimensions of afro-pessimism as a project: namely, that black life is not social, or rather that black life is lived in social death. Double emphasis, on lived and on death. That’s the whole point of the enterprise at some level. It is all about the implications of this agreed- upon point where arguments (should) begin, but they cannot (yet) proceed. Negating anti-Blackness is an affirmation of agency and social life – a blackened world Sexton 11 (Jared, PhD, Director, African American Studies Dept., UC Irvine, “The Social Life of Social Death: On Afro-Pessimism and Black Optimism”, InTensions, Vol 5,, Accessed: 01/22/12, OG) [32] What I take to be a certain aggression, or perhaps anxiety, in the deconstruction of the structure of vulnerability and the grammar of suffering that undergird afro-pessimism is not a sign...
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