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Unformatted text preview: w too identity to emulate groove to vibe to Those spittin’23 verse and rhyme Get much HYPE-FAME And ACCLAIM Prodigious in influence Much bigger than any scholar’s name! And they write culture ALSO! And it’s funny MORESO cuz A PhD in anthropology or sociology Don’t merit as much Profundity Don’t get as much props In urban communities As Mos Def,24 Common,25 NAS,26 or Chuck D27 Urban griots like Immortal28 and Kweli29 Their lyrics profound prophetic visionary Some afflicated and ailing say, “Kozi healed me!”30 How’s that to the Psych D doin’ urban community therapy?[laughing] Art as Identity Reclaim the identity of the art! William-White 11(Lisa William-White, Jun 17,2011,Scholarship Revolution, California State, Sacramento, Ironic too when examining it Cuz if a mix CD or bootleg tape Carried the same weight As a piece in Harvard Ed Review Then plenty a young Emcee Would be “renowned” And “scholarly” After goin’ double platinum In fact, Tupac, Eminem and Jay-Z More recognizable today than Dewe...
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