In what came to be known as his founding scholarly

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Unformatted text preview: markers of raed difference persisted . Rose Hum Lee, for instance, the first woman and first Chinese American to head a sociology department in any US university, was one of the most insistent on this point. A proponent of ‘complete integration’ in the face of virulent white racism, she claimed that ‘the final objective of integration is a culturally homogenous population’. Yet, she postulated, ‘the [ultimate] barrier to complete integration is racial distinctiveness’ (quoted in Yu, 1999, p. 456). Today, as Nash’s comments suggest, those who write in the recently founded field of multiracial studies usually take a more moderate position (‘Few argue that universal intermarriage is needed to bring us together’). Nonetheless, most do agree that increasing rates of intermarriage do indicate a progressive development, namely, the erosion of raed barriers and a waning of racist sentiments . Even then President Bill Clinton, in the 1997 commencement address to the University of California a...
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