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Unformatted text preview: ggle to live with dignity in the face of discrimination is ignored. effect of loving or seeing the other with all of her predicates, her being such as it is -- an "I want you to be" without reason. Politicized Identity K - Alternative Solvency Communal politics based on mere existence allows us to transcend racial binaries while avoiding humanism’s flaws and juridico-political terror Enns 7 (Diane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies, McMaster University, “Political Life Before Identity”, Theory & Event 10:1, Project Muse, og) I would like to bring two notions together by way of concluding: "the prevention of catastrophe" by intercepting the politicization of identity categories, and the notion of a politics that has as its subject a living being not separated from the characteristics that give or deny it political value. I have tried to show that Fanon demonstrates this interception of identity by evoking the simple need to be considered a human life worthy of another's human response. Speaking of the Vietnamese resistance movement during the French Indochina war, Fanon writes: "It is not because the Indo-Chinese has discovered a culture of his own that he is in revolt. It...
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