It is a profound statement about the bare bones of

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Unformatted text preview: living beings who are often grouped arbitrarily. As Balibar puts it, relying on Herman van Gunsteren, all political communities are "communities of fate": They are communities that already include difference and conflict, where heterogeneous people and groups have been 'thrown together' by history and economy, in situations where their interests or cultural ideals cannot spontaneously converge, but also cannot completely diverge without risking mutual destruction (or common elimination by external forces). 44 If every individual needs a place in the world where he or she is recognized as a citizen, van Gunsteren argues, then, adds Balibar, this place has to be "any place where individuals and groups belong, wherever they 'happen' to live and therefore work...'"45 Politics does not need to be thought in terms of the determinations we impose on such life. Between Arendt and Agamben we can articulate a radically revised notion of politics. We need political communities of belonging which protect a human being's right to have rights, but neither of these terms -- political or community -- remain static when viewed from the perspective of mere existence or bare life. The political realm is not separated from the exi...
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