It is reinvigorated when an unknown entity presents

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Unformatted text preview: gure that must aspire to the very forms of existence from which it is constitutively barred. Antiblackness is best described here as a series of forced choices ( we all know the imperative “your money or your life”) but choices that brook no answer —neither the compulsory allegiance demanded by whiteness for its constituency’s disciplined mobility, nor the vacillating inclusion/exclusion of the nonwhite immigrant, nor even the genocidal contest of sovereignty that structures the lived reality of American Indians. For instance: Do you want to serve an extended prison sentence or sacrifice yourself to a sting operation of the national security state (as in Bait)? Do you want to wither indefinitely in a miserable refugee camp or fall victim to a military-sponsored campaign of ethnic cleansing (as in Tears)? More simply: Do you want go home or go to jail (as in Training Day)? And where, exactly, is home, if you are black in the contemporary world? Do you want to take a trip to “the booty house” (as Detective Harris tauntingly refers to the county lockup) or languish on the streets of Los...
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