More recently historian gary nash who recognises

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Unformatted text preview: a corrective to the strict and devastating policies of Anglo-Saxon racial ideology or is the scope of its ‘enrichment’ cast more broadly? A word from Vasconcelos on this score: The lower types of the [human] species will be absorbed by the superior type. In this manner, for example, the black could be redeemed, and step by step, by voluntary extinction, the uglier stocks will give way to the more handsome. Inferior races, upon being educated, would become less prolific, and the better specimens would go on ascending a scale of ethnic improvement, whose maximum type is not precisely white, but that new race to which the white himself will have to aspire with the object of conquering the synthesis. The Indian, by grafting onto the related race, would take the jump of millions of years that separate [him] from our times, and in a few decades of aesthetic eugenics, the black may disappear… In this manner, a selection of taste would take effect, much more efficiently than the brutal Darwinist selection…[It would be] a mixture no longer accomplished by violence, nor by reason of nec...
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