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Unformatted text preview: lackness, his desire for repair and resolution. ‘I did not want this revision’, he says. ‘All I wanted was to be a man among other men’. That is, to participate in the honourable world of whiteness, to be not animal, bad, mean, and ugly. A desire to not be slashed, dissected, or cut into slices. Yet, just as it seems that Fanon is situating whiteness on the side of plentitude, wholeness, security, and integrity (and blackness on the side of lack), he offers a second statement to complicate matters. At the extreme, I should say that the Negro, because of his body, impedes the closing of the postural schema of the white man — at the point, naturally, at which the black man makes his entry into the phenomenal world of the white man…(Fanon, 1967, p. 160) So it seems that the white man, too, has trouble with the solidity of his body, the demarcation of its inside and outside. Whereas the white look tears apart the black body, the black body, in turn, intrudes upon the corporeal territory of whi...
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