Ontological barrier the ontological barrier does not

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Unformatted text preview: it suitable to cite Sartre's The Respectful Prostitute and Richard Wright's Native Son on the same page. "A feeling of inferiority?" he asks himself, of himself: "No, a feeling of nonexistence," he responds. The only response to the immobility of not being able to bring oneself to kill the master is to "explode… to shatter the hellish cycle." 22 Turning away from the master (the internal function of symbolic decolonial violence), in practice, often coincides with the realization that that most basic proof of human equality—vulnerability to death at the hands of another—also applies to whites. For this recognition to be put into practice often entails at least the threat of actual violence as the mechanism for enforced recognition (the external function). To the symbolic ontological violence of racialization, then, Fanon seems at first to respond in kind, with a violence which is equally symbolic in its function, but one which rather than determining being undoes the exclusionary barriers of ontology. This is a symbolic violence which operates toward the decolonization of being,23 and which is utterly incommensurable in both its actual and (more fundamental) symbolic forms with the violence of the racist/colonizer. Ontological Barrier The ontological barrier does not allow denigrated subjects full humanity. George C...
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