Policies are the rules of the world we live in

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Unformatted text preview: in clinging to the identities -- native or settler, victim or perpetrator -- forged in a colonial past through the imposition of violent, Manichean relations. His anti-dote to this renunciation of a future -- however ambivalent and oblique in this text (BS 14) It is a forceful claim: thus for Fanon -- is not to dedicate himself "to the revival of an unjustly unrecognized Negro civilization" (BS 226) not to remain a slave of the slavery that dehumanized his ancestors (BS 230), not to accept the amputation of his why not the quite simple attempt to touch the other, to feel the other, to explain the other to myself? " (BS 231). It is an alternative solution to the separation between black and white imposed by the European that implies a radical restructuring of the world (BS 81victimization (BS 140), but to claim his future in the name of mere existence or simple being in relation to other beings. "Superiority? Inferiority?" Fanon asks, " 2). Fanon calls this solution "disalienation," which in his well-known essay "Concerni...
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