Race mixture leads to multiculturalism which engages

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Unformatted text preview: t of western analytic thought slides helplessly toward the simplistic, the personal or the institutional. The supposed secrets of white supremacy get sleuthed in its spectacular displays, in pathology and instrumentality, or pawned off on the figure of the ‘rogue cop’ . Each approach to race subordinates it to something that is not race, as if to continue the noble epistemological endeavour of getting to know it better. But what each ends up talking about is that other thing. In the face of this, the left’s anti-racism becomes its passion. But its passion gives it away. It signifies the passive acceptance of the idea that race, considered to be either a real property of a person or an imaginary projection, is not essential to the social structure, a system of social meanings and categorisations. It is the same passive apparatus of whiteness that in its mainstream guise actively forgets that it owes its existence to the killing and terrorising of those it raes for that purpose, expelling them from the human fold in the same gesture of forgetting. It is the passivity of bad faith that tacitly accepts as ‘what goes without saying’ the postulates of white supremacy. And it must do so passionately since ‘what goes without saying’ is empty and can be held as a ‘truth’ only through an obsessiveness. The truth is that the...
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