Racialization non humans those who are denigrated

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Unformatted text preview: ior question because of the qualitative difference between life chances Jared Sexton 2010 (“‘The Curtain of the Sky’: An Introduction” in Critical Sociology 36; 11. Jared Sexton, Associate Professor of African-American studied and Critical Theory at the UC-Irvine.) To be sure, Humans do not live under conditions of equality in the modern world. In fact, modernity is, to a large degree, marked by societies structured in dominance: [hetero]patriarchy and white supremacy, settler colonialism and extra-territorial conquest, imperialist warfare and genocide, class struggle and the international division of labor. Yet, for Wilderson, there is a qualitative difference, an ontological one, between the inferiorization or dehumanization of the masses of people ‘in Asia …in America and the islands of the sea’, including the colonization of their land and resources, the exploitation of their labor and even their extermination in whole or in part, and the singular commodification of human being pursued under racial slavery, that structure of gratuitous violence in which bodies are rendered as flesh to be accumulated and e...
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