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Unformatted text preview: amento, So let’s examine some FACTS And their impact All prime for examination And Spoken Word interpretation: Globalization corporate, capitalistic greed Wal-Mart-style class exploitation outsourcin’ labor needs Lack of jobs And loss of opportunity Then blame illegal immigrants For eroding our security Profit margins and gain for the privileged, upper half! Wall Street’s aim To create and sustain A PERMANENT UNDERCLASS ? Bush government policies a.k.a. de-regulation Reorganize social security? Call’d PRI-VA-TI-ZA-TION! But don’t stop there With student loans rates in the air And what about health care? Ain’t ya’ll18 aware?!? Then investment in the proliferation Of the Prison Industrial COMPLEX for landowners and state interests cuz crime is BIG business! Next, Underfund public education Use Eurocentric and scripted curriculum NCLB equals social reproductio n Cuz, that’s how it functions! Then Skew the rhetoric of diversity And Equality Protest and Throw Tea Parties yell out how “we want our country back” All because the Pres is Black? Then, Reduced health and human services spawns poverty and hopelessness Divest from domestic UPLIFT Where there is no perceived “benefit”! This equates to class division, disillusion disenfranchisement and social erosion Theory should create solutions Not aid the implosion! CAN WE GET A SCHOLARSH...
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