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Unformatted text preview: essity, but by the selection founded on the dazzling produced by beauty and confirmed by the pathos of love. (Vasconcelos, 1997, pp. 32– 33) By this account, the black’s disappearance is redemptive — a redemptive self-annihilation, as it were — brought about by the dazzling call of human beautification. No longer an imposition or an assault, no longer genocide per se, the elimination of blackness (and, importantly, ‘Indianness’) has become a painless, even pleasurable duty to disappear. This edifying synthesis, no doubt a dream of ethnic cleansing, is, however, decidedly not white supremacist. That is, it does not elevate whiteness to its apex, its maximum type, or its ideal. Rather, the doctrine of white superiority is dethroned, as a new mixed race will have superseded the white, presenting itself as that select taste toward which even the former rulers of the world aspire. What is deemed most encouraging about the emergence of this new race — the fruit of ‘racial, ideological, cultural and biological crosspolli...
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