Simply put we abdicated the power to pose the

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Unformatted text preview: omic sense , though they do not think of themselves in racial terms, and they throw temper tantrums when they are thought of in racial terms or, as being racialized or raced. They can steal and kill the “uncivilized” (read: people of color) without regard to rank or reason, and they can at any moment change the rules of the racial hierarchy and racial history because they alone are decidedly and definitively the authors of human culture and civilization, and most certainly the architects of science and technology. As Du Bois demonstrates above, white supremacy is not simply about racial domination and discrimination. Which is to say , white supremacy cannot quickly be reduced to racism, and especially as it is understood in contemporary racial discourse. Much more, white supremacy robs the raced or people of color of their right to be human, of their right to self-definition and self-determination. It reduces human beings to the status of things, which is one of the reasons, as Frantz Fanon observes in The Wretched of the Earth, when they are discussed in the discursive arenas of the white world, both academic and non-academic, people of color are referred to, (re) presented and (re)imagined in “zoological terms”—in the terms in which animals are discussed, dissected and dominated. In fact, the terms the [white colonial] settler uses when he mentions the native [the raced,...
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