Such comments are offered as a preliminary rejoinder

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Unformatted text preview: ecidedly muted preoccupation of multiracial discourse to date).2 Thus, ‘can only result in the formation of [multiraciality] as yet another ‘identical’ and hegemonic structure’ within the regime of white supremacy, as well as a problematical elision of sexuality in its discourse and politics (Radikrishnan, 1990, p. 50). The Body of Whiteness In Libidinal Economy, Jean-Franc¸ois Lyotard offers a provocative claim in the midst of his notoriously unorthodox analysis of historical capitalism. He states tersely: ‘capital cannot form a body’. He argues further that this lack of an organic unity for capital as a body and, moreover, for those bodies that labour within its purview ‘gives rise to two divergent movements always associated in a single vertigo’. He distinguishes these movements as, on the one hand, a movement of flight, of plunging into the bodiless, and thus of continual invention, of expansive additions or affirmations of new pieces… a movement of tension. and, on t...
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