The above examples expose the fact of wildersons

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Unformatted text preview: process whereby the “desocialized new slave” was subsumed within slave society. 5 Impact: Inter-Sectionalism Inter-sectionalism key to solve oppression – turns their argument Smith 10 (Andrea, associate professor in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at UC Riverside, GLOBAL DIALOGUE 12:2, pillars of white supremacy are best understood as logics rather than categories signifying specific groups of people. Thus, the peoples entangled in these logics may shift through time and space. Peoples may also be implicated in more than one logic simultaneously, such as peoples who are black and Indigenous. This model also destabilises some of the conventional categories by which we often understand either ethnic studies It is important to note that these or racial-justice organising—categories such as African American/Latino/Asian American/Native American/Arab American. For instance, in the case of Latinos, these logics may affect peoples differently depending on rather than organise around categories based on presumed cultural similarities or geographical proximitie...
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