The failure of scholars to confront this dimension in

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Unformatted text preview: ificial to natural, we court a hard-toperceive social logic that reproduces the very conditions we strain to overcome. Jon Cruz (1996)8.Over the last three decades, there has been an overwhelming tendency among a variety of critical scholars to focus on the concept of “race” as a central category of analysisfor interpreting the social conditions of inequality and marginalization.9 As a consequence, much of the literature on subordinate cultural populations, with its emphasis on such issues as “racial inequality,” “racial segregation,” “racial identity,” has utilized the construct of “race” as a central category of analysis for interpreting the social conditions of inequality and marginalization . In turn, this literature has reinforced a racialized politics of identity and representation, with itsproblematicemphasis on “racial” identiy as the overwhelming impulse for political action. Thistheoretical practice hasled to serious analytical weaknessesand absence of depthin much of the historical and contemporary writings on raci...
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