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Unformatted text preview: ns of this pervasive heuristic can be read in the political rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement and its traces noted in the discourse of the contemporary multiracial movement as well. The hegemonic conception of the problem of white supremacy in the US is, as a result, cast as some version of ‘the racial divide’ or ‘a crisis of national identity’. The proposed solution is, accordingly, ‘a closer drawing together of the… races in America’. The post-war, post-civil rights United States is, in this way, imagined as the land of the coming cosmic race (and not just the white ethnic ‘melting pot’), the proper title now usurped from Latin America. (Vasconcelos is, I suspect, rolling over in his grave upon this development, unsure of whether he resents the North for stealing the thunder, so to speak). In the present moment, after the repeal of anti-miscegenation laws, this national restoration entails an explicit recognition of multiracial people and an open tolerance for, if not a refreshing celebration of interracial dating and marriage as sign...
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