The problem im presenting to them is simple many

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Unformatted text preview: sm is reinforced by government, legal, economic, political, and military institutions. Environmental racism combines with public policies and industry practices to provide benefits for the countries in the North while shifting costs to countries in the South. [4] Environmental Injustice Poor communities are effected by environmental injustices Rimes 10 (Ben Rimes, Apr 14, 2010, E-waste: Dumping on the Poor, Environment, Science, Social Studies Educator ,The tech Savy Educator, This month I’m sharing a short movie clip with my 5th graders about just one way that the world, and more specifically the U.S., disposes of their electronic waste; old computers, cell phones, digital cameras, etc. The problem I’m presenting to them is simple. Many thousands of pieces of technology are tossed out into the garbage each and every day. Some communities have recycling centers and programs for dealing with the toxic materials, plastics, and metal found in our electronics, but many communities simple don’t know what happens to e-waste that’s just tossed in the trash. A lot of that e-waste ends up overseas, dumped in...
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