The proposed solution is accordingly a closer drawing

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Unformatted text preview: nization’ — is that it is forged in the pathos of love. Beyond violence and instrumental reason there is the cosmic force of eros, the seemingly benevolent prime mover of global integration. The mode of eugenics will have changed, but its ends remain frighteningly consistent — a ‘selection’ more efficient than a brutal Social Darwinism. Less carnage, less coercion, and less political controversy, this appears to be ‘evolution’ at a discount. The Indian must modernise (or disappear); the black (having already modernised) must certainly disappear — too poor a gene pool, too ugly, too little malleability, in a word, deficient. The aesthetic of mestizaje is, then, marked by a profound ambivalence, a double life. Its eugenicist impulses, ruefully unshakable, cast a long shadow over whatever threats it might present to the ‘ethnic absolutism’12 of Anglo-Saxon white supremacy. For in its unfolding it seeks to abolish not only the reign of whiteness, but also the existence of those ‘uglier stocks’ — ‘uneducated’, ‘inferior races’. Perhap...
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