There is romance too in the tragic fact that although

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Unformatted text preview: ictims of a deprivation of meaning that has been condensed by Jacques Lacan as a ‘wall of language’ as well as an inability to create a clear voice in the face of gratuitous violence. He cites Frantz Fanon, Orlando Patterson and Hortense Spiller as being among those theorists who effectively investigate the issues of black structural non-communicability. His own attempts to define ‘what is black?’, ‘a subject?’, ‘an object?’, ‘a slave?’, seem bound up with limiting preconceptions, and he evaluates neither blackness nor the ‘red’ that is part of his title in any truly meaningful way. Link: Sexton Sexton epistemology is erroneous and prevents inter-sectional progress Spickard 9 (Paul, professor of history and Asian American studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Amalgamation Schemes: Antiblackness and the Critique of Multiram (review)”, American Studies, Volume 50, Number 1/2, Spring/Summer 2009, pp. 125-127 – Project Muse) With Amalgamation Schemes, Jared Sexton is trying to stir up some controversy . He presents a facile, sophisticated, and theoreti...
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